How to save yourself from Online Banking Frauds

Online Banking Frauds are making news now a days. Most of the non-tech savvy people don't activate their net banking due to their fear of net banking frauds. Only the correct knowledge about internet banking and the correct way to use it can remove this fear. Most the online banking frauds occur due to ignorance of the user and mishandling of user access information like User-ID and Password.

  • Use the correct website for Online Banking: In some cases of online banking fraud, user used the incorrect website (or Phishing website) for internet banking. For example, you wanted to open website of ABC Bank , which is -- but instead of opening that website you typed and a similar banking website opens and you use your used-id and password on it. Due to such foolish things your access information is stolen by some smart hacker who designed that similar looking website with almost similar domain name. Your one misspelling of that website name can lead you to something inappropriate for you. You can protect yourself from such things by just using bookmarks feature in your browser. Save your netbanking website name in your browser bookmarks and access it through those bookmarks instead of typing it yourself.
  • Use some sort of Internet Security: There are a number of Antivirus available in the market that also provide internet security. These security softwares alert you, when you go to some phishing website. These security software also protect your system from some computer viruses which can target the sensisitive information stored on your computer.
  • Don't save your netbanking passwords in your computer: Saving your netbanking password on your computer is a bad practice. It might save your time in logging into the website but it makes your access information vulnerable to others. If some tech-savvy person use your computer for a few minutes, he/she can easily copy that information. Some computer virus can also copy such information and send it to some other people without even sharing your laptop/desktop with somebody else. In such case antivirus software might help you, but its better not to store such information on your PC.
  • Change your Password at a regular Interval: Changing your netbanking password at a regular interval is a good habit to be more secure. Even if somebody has stolen your old password , he/she will not be able to use it anymore.
  • Keep you password in your Brain: Its better not to write your password anywhere else except your brain. But still if you think that you will not be able to remember it, then store it at a place which is not accessible by others and easily accessible by you. Know how to choose a secure password.
  • Only shop through reputed websites: Online shopping is trending now a days. Try to go for Cash-on-delivery (COD), but when its comes to making payment online first check the reputation of shopping website before making any payment. If its a reputed website only then choose the option of online payment.
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There is no harm in being modern and using the technology but its necessary to do it safely. There are pros and cons of everything, same is with net banking. So use Internet banking and play it safely for your own betterment.

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