How to Report a Netbanking Fraud

Netbanking is becoming a problem for bank customers, especially those who are new in using computers or internet. In most of the cases the bank customers are cheated due to their own ignorance or lack of knowledge about internet. According to a report in recent newspapers, Pune is becoming capital of Internet banking frauds. Dozens of groups are active in internet banking frauds by means of hacking, phishing websites and many more techniques.

Here we will tell you how you can report a netbanking fraud and save others and yourself from any further harm. If the fraud is reported in time then you may also save yourself from financial loss.

Most of the banks have got a website for netbanking customers. Its better to use the correct website for your banking transactions, as sometimes a website with a slightly different matching name might be a phishing website. Authentic websites of banks usually have a page to report the netbanking frauds. Here is a list of these pages.

  • Canara bank :
  • CIBC:
  • HDFC:
  • ICICI:
  • SBI :

If your banks fraud page is not listed here, then after changing your account password try to find the fraud reporting link in your net banking website. If you are unable to find it then contact their customer care immediately.

You may also find toll free numbers of different banks from the following page.

Netbanking Frauds in Last Five years

According to a recent report published in DNA more than 11500 cases of banking frauds involving amount above Rs 1 lakh are reported in past 5 years. Around 27000 Crore rupees were lost due to these frauds by different public and private sector banks. Among them SBI tops in public sector banks and ICICI tops in private sector banks. However these banks are also the banks with most number of bank accounts. Most of these losses are due to fake loans and netbanking frauds.

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